View Full Version : Correct filters for a Thomas Duplex Safelight?

6-Apr-2002, 14:56
I bought a used Thomas Duplex safelight on e-bay. What are the correct filters to use for V.C. black and white printing? The unit seems to have a two inner re d filter and then two red filters on the adjustable doors. Is this correct?

Gary Meader
6-Apr-2002, 17:22
Yeah, those are fine. I've had one for years and they're great. However, if yours came with dark green filters also, you don't need to use them for B&W. They're for color printing or possibly neg development by inspection, but they really put the dark in darkroom. The reason there are 2 sets of red filters is so that if you open the doors to get more light, you're still filtered.

Fred De Van
7-Apr-2002, 01:08
Either the B&H or Freestyle site will give you the color code for the filters. The tape around the edges tell you what you have.