View Full Version : Front tilt on the flea bay 2D

Robert Vigurs
13-May-2010, 18:20
If someone on ebay wants to sell you a "restorable" 2D, with a bad bellows, think "parts". Anyways, I need to have front tilt, shift and swing on my view camera. I started today. Added tilt. Will slot the sides just enough to allow some rise, and fall. Will fabricate thin(maybe brass) plates to protect the wood and for strength. Then I will double the wood at the bottom, add a stud, cut the standard and add/slot a piece of hardwood, and glue it in. Maybe bracket there too. I'll post a few pictures when I'm done. I ordered a DIY camera kit bellows. That will probably take a weekend.(they say 3 hours, so, yea, a weekend). Maybe someday I'll get to shoot photographs instead of gluing and screwing.