View Full Version : Is There a Way to Light Proof a Zone VI bag bellows

Martin Shakeshaft
13-May-2010, 15:14
As I mentioned in another thread, today I bought a Zone VI 5x4. With it came a bag bellows for wide lenses. It has a short bellows and a bag section. If I hold the bag section up to the light I can see pin pricks of light. The bag looks like a nylon material. Is there anything I can paint it with to make it light tight?

Any help would be appreciated.



Alan Curtis
13-May-2010, 17:33
I suggest you go to Bruce Barlow's/Richard Ritter's web site http://www.circleofthesunproductions.com/. Get a copy of Richard's Camera repair in the field DVD. He begins by breaking a Zone VI 4x5 and then fixes it, Bruce tells me that it took several takes to actually break it and just pushing it over didn't do it. In the rest of the DVD Richard covers lots of LF repair and information including bellows repair. A DVD well worth the cheap price. Also, Bruce Barlow's LF photographic DVD is excellent for the experienced and beginning LF photographer.

Glenn Thoreson
13-May-2010, 17:57
I have never had a bag bellows but other experience says go to the craft store and get some black fabric paint. Apply a very thin coat to the inside, if possible. Thin is key. The stuff is flexible but don't overdo it. Rub it in good to get it into the fabric, not just on it. It should seal those little leaks. You could do the outside if needed, too, but I try to keep things as inconspicious as possible. Good luck. :D

13-May-2010, 19:05

This is not directly to your point, but just a point of information. You have the version that I first encountered and which fell apart at the joint in moderately hot weather, about 90 degrees. There is another, newer version which is one continuous bag and which seems to be a much improved material as well as design. They do come up on the auction site. I've used the newer style for over 15 years with absolutely no problems with either separation or leaks of any kind.

If it were me, I would NOT put too much effort into the one you've got.

John Schneider
13-May-2010, 23:04
get some black fabric paint.

A similar compound, probably, to what I use: Liquid 'Lectric Tape, available in boat stores and electrical supply stores.

Glenn Thoreson
14-May-2010, 11:04
I should have mentioned that it will probably be just fine the way it is if you drape the dark cloth over it. You can get by with bullet holes using this old time method. I know about old. :D