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13-May-2010, 11:31
I did a search for something similar here but I wasn't able to find any threads related to this.

Let's just say I'd like to unscrew front and rear lend element from Verito (in Wollensak studio shutter) and both are stuck. Moderate force accomplished nothing. I would like to do it by myself and I'm not seeking any professional help like SK Grimmes or any other shop.

Do any of you know the tips or tricks how to do it?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
13-May-2010, 11:36
A strap wrench (or more likely a pair of strap wrenches) often provides the leverage needed. If not, using heat can help. I have used a propane torch before, but you need to be very careful not to ruin the paint.

Jim Galli
13-May-2010, 11:44
Go to a good Auto Parts store and buy a quart can of a liquid product called "Rubber Buffer". Also find an old inner tube to cut up in 6" square pieces to make some Grips. Soak the thread area with the rubber buffer. It leaves no residue. Be patient and soak often. Sooner or later the booger will let you twist it un done with the 'grips'. Or if it's the Pinkham - Smith, send it to me and I'll take just as long as needed getting it apart for you.

Louis Pacilla
13-May-2010, 12:10
"Or if it's the Pinkham - Smith, send it to me and I'll take just as long as needed getting it apart for you."

Don't be a snob Jim. Nothing wrong w/ a good old Verito.

Heck,I feel it's much like dogs & cats once you step beyond 2 ya may as well have a half dozen . I have several Verito,s ( mostly 18" for some reason) one more wont hurt to much & I could use an 11 1/2 "er so send the Verito to me & I'll take just as long as needed getting it apart for you.":D

As far as getting the elements free. If it's a large Verito, I find after soaking an extra set of hands come in handy (No pun intended) . Get a volunteer to grab one strap wrench when the time comes. This way, between the two of you, keeping the thing stable while applying ample torque will be SOOOO much easier. Really! at least by my experience.

13-May-2010, 15:05
Would Alcohol be a good substitute? I have a plenty of that :D

sun of sand
13-May-2010, 16:59
keep on trying
i had a tough lens and finally got it

Try a wide rubberband or two ..it helps
then strap wrenches /freezing heating

Paul Fitzgerald
13-May-2010, 18:02
Look for tiny set-screws around the barrel, not normal on Verito but could be there.

Try to tighten the cells first, then counter-clockwise to remove, the big boys can be a bear to loosen.

Good luck with it.

13-May-2010, 21:10
One nasty bugger!!! :) But I got it Jim... :) Phase one complete....