View Full Version : Buying 4x5 in Istanbul

12-May-2010, 13:30
We are planning a trip to Istanbul so does anyone knows of shops with a stock of 4x5 film there ?
Even here in Greece finding film in stock (not pre-ordered) is getting really hard.
THX everyone
Chalkiadakis Dimitris

Tim Meisburger
12-May-2010, 14:30
Try Sending a PM to IanG. He is in Turkey.

Best, Tim

13-May-2010, 10:25
thx a lot for the tip Tim

13-May-2010, 10:38
I always get mine while I'm back in the UK as I live quite a long way from Istanbul on the Aegean coast.

There is a shop in Istanbul that stocks sheet film, I'll find the name for you tomorrow and give you a contact name of someone who can check what they have in stock.

Where abouts in Greece Dimitri, as I may be there in 2-3 weeks. Most photographers in Izmir get their LF film mail order from Fotoimpex in Berlin, or the US/UK.


13-May-2010, 10:41
Pamut Ticaret

A small shop near Sirkeci station - not that easy too find but it's the small road off Ankara Cad. right next to the Sirkeci tram stop as you can see in this link to Google Maps. Down the road, into a building on the left, up to the 1st floor and Bob's your uncle.


They stock HP5+ and FP4+

13-May-2010, 10:50
Thats the one, but with Turkish Import Duty as well as VAT film is expensive in Turkey.


13-May-2010, 22:17
Well, i thought it would be somewhere there in Sirkeci, I was there last Easter and noticed that all photographic shops were situated there.
I have plans to be in Istanbul from 20 to 27th of May for a side project (so why not take some lf pics while I am there). Before and after that I live and will be in Athens (pretty downtown I may say), will be a great pleasure to meet here.
Tell me when do you plan to pass by.
Thanx to both of you Timing and Ian.