View Full Version : Wide Angle Shen-Hao

Ed Candland
6-Apr-2002, 10:39
I was just wondering if anyone had seen this. I think I remember someone talking about a wide angle non-folding Shen-Hao. looks like a knock off of the Ebony SW 45 http://www.apolloeye.com/home/cameras/4x5/tfc45.htm

andrea milano
7-Apr-2002, 06:58
I'seen only pictures of it and wait to feel the camera "hands on" at the next FOTOKINA, it looks tremendously similar to Ebony and it is a nice little and cheap(er) piece of photogear. If the concept works for you and you can live with metal parts quality which is good but not to compare with Ebony, go for it, I have a Shen Hao and like it.

Ed Candland
7-Apr-2002, 11:56
It's not really one I'd mostly buy. I was just wondering because there was one on E-Bay (new with a alum. case) that was bidding for $270 at the time. I was tempted just because it was so cheap. It ended up going for $360