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sanchi heuser
12-May-2010, 07:51

I know it's a little bit crazy, but I couldn't resist to go
Polaroid 8x10 :)

I've got one of these Calumet Processors some days ago together with some
809 sheets and the film holder.

Now I'm looking how the whole thing works,
can anyone help me, please?


Robert Hughes
12-May-2010, 12:13
Please don't tell us you spent good money on that. :eek:

sanchi heuser
13-May-2010, 05:32
Please don't tell us you spent good money on that. :eek:

OK, than I don't tell you:D

13-May-2010, 05:57
google polaroid processor manual and you'll find the instructions in pdf form.

sanchi heuser
13-May-2010, 07:45
Thanks Vinny,

I have the one processor from Calumet.
You can see a picture when you google picture: Calumet 8x10 Processor

It is a complete different model than the original Polaroid Processor,
works without electricity.


sanchi heuser
18-May-2010, 08:49

still looking for help.


18-May-2010, 09:34

Take a look at this link and follow leads from it.

sanchi heuser
20-May-2010, 01:31
Thanks Bob,

I 'll try this.


20-May-2010, 04:07
sorry to ask this,
but can you still get film for it ?

sanchi heuser
20-May-2010, 09:25
sorry to ask this,
but can you still get film for it ?

Yes, but it's out of production and
very rare.

For me it's primarily a project for the future,
I think that production of Polaroid 8x10 material
will be restarted sooner or later.


sanchi heuser
31-May-2010, 09:23

luckily I made some progress:
I followed Vinny's advice and studied the well made instruction manual
for the Polaroid Processor,
then used these detailed informations for my
Calumet Processor (which is designed for use with the same Polaroid negative holder
and of course for the same Polaroid 8x10 films).

It worked in all points, except this one:
the position of the positive sheet in the Calumet's loading tray
is a little bit different as in the Polaroid's loading tray (it seems to be
the same side up, but posititioned ca 1/2 inch more in direction to the rollers).
I make some more tests and than I tell you the results.

Thanks Vinny for your helpful hint.


Please excuse my bad english.

27-Jul-2010, 02:11
Eager to wait for the result.