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Matthew Runde
1-Mar-2002, 19:31
Much of my photography is done at apertures wider than the f/22 that is the stan dard reference for lens coverage. Because I sometimes use quite a bit of tilt o r swing with the front standard, I have been looking for specs at wider aperture s (f/4.5-11). I am currently using a borrowed 150mm Symmar-S, which gives a lot of coverage, but I would prefer a 90mm or 75mm, which seem to offer only a smal l amount of extra coverage. Do you know where I can find (wide-aperture) covera ge specs for these focal lengths? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edsel Adams
1-Mar-2002, 23:10
Since LF glass is designed to perform stopped down to F22,its coverage is dependant on this.I dont think using most modern wide angle lenses at wide apertures will allow much movements either.

Julio Fernandez
2-Mar-2002, 12:23
Matthew: Schneider has available full specs on their lenses. If you are not familiar with those it will at first take a little thought in reading them. The specs give tell you what you can expect at full aperture as well as at f/22. They have them available at their site.

Matthew Runde
2-Mar-2002, 12:47
Thanks, both.

Julio, I didn't see the specs on the site. I may check again.

Bob Salomon
2-Mar-2002, 13:04
The Rodenstock Grandago/Apo Grandagon brochure gives MTF on each lens at the diffraction limited stop (f16 on the Apo Grandagon 35 to 55mm lenses and f22 on the Grandagons) as well as 2 stops larger. It gives graphs on relative light fall off at four stops as well as distortion and longitudinal color aberration for each lens. All you have to do is ask the distributor for Rodenstock in your country to mail you a copy. The brochure for the Grandagon/Apo grandagon series is 8 full size pages. These detailed brochures are also available for Apo Sironar N, Apo Sironar S, Apo Macro Digital, Apo Macro and all enlarging lens series. All together about 40+ pages of charts and specifications.

Would you like a set?

Bob Salomon
2-Mar-2002, 13:05
"Would you like a set?"

Oh yes, they are mailed at no charge to you.