View Full Version : Grafmatic 1268 (re-glue cutoff assembly/felt strip)

11-May-2010, 12:21
Anyone know how to do this? I think I know where it goes... With the Grafmatic open completely - it seems to go under the portion of the body that notes (in raised type) - 4x5 Grafmatic U.S.A. Pat. Pending, etc. I imagine the metal strip side should be glued underneath this - there seems to be a receptacle there where it fits. Though unglued it moves easily beyond this receptacle to where the frame counting wheel is. Assuming the cutoff assembly goes here, should the crimp face the dark-slide so that the felt might act as a resisting ramp to the dark-slide (the crimp abuts nicely against the edge), or is that backwards, and should the crimp face the body so that the felt and metal might act as a receiving receptacle to the dark-slide. I have seen this:


though it apparently contradicts slightly where I think it goes, either that or I can't read exploded diagrams :)


11-May-2010, 20:00
I went ahead and glued it so the crimp faced the dark-slide - so the felt became a (slightly) resisting ramp to the dark-slide. Seems to make sense.

Graflex Shooter
11-May-2010, 20:46
I can't contribute any help, but I have always wondered how hard it would be to Reseal a back or grafmatic and where you get the stuff to do it with. I hope it works for you.

W K Longcor
13-May-2010, 10:47
Along this same line -- I have some older roll film backs that have worn out felt light traps. Most of the originals have a dark red or maroon felt. Anybody have any success with replacing such material? What did you use and how did you fasten it?