View Full Version : Modern 135mm Lenses on Crown Graphic

Greg Lawhon
1-Mar-2002, 00:49
Are all or most modern 135mm/f5.6 lenses (Schneider, Rodenstock, Nikon and Fuji) small enough to permit me to fold and close a Crown Graphic without removing th e lens and lensboard? Modern 135s look longer and a little wider than the origi nal 135mm Xenars and Optars or 127mm Ektars that came with the Crown, but my gue ss is they'll still fit ok. Can anyone confirm that they're ok before I order o ne?

Hagai Kaufman
1-Mar-2002, 10:38
Greg, crown-graphic with a rodenstock sironar-N 135/5.6 folds perfectly.

Shayok Mukhopadhyay
20-Nov-2005, 13:31
I was looking for this info, but ended up having to go to the store to try them out. Both the Nikkor 135/5.6 W and the Rodenstock APO Sironar-S 135/5.6 allow the Crown Graphic to be folded shut. I suspect the Fuji CM-W 135/5.6 wont allow it to be shut because it has a 67mm front filter thread, same as my Fuji SWD 65/5.6 which hits the rails on the bed when it folds up, unless the lens is so much shorter that it wont touch the rails.