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10-May-2010, 15:39
Hoping some of you LF enthusiasts can help me. I recently bought a Schneider 360mm Symmar lens off ebay. The lens came mounted on a Cambo board and with a Ilex shutter. Yes a big old beast but I needed a long convertible for a few pictures I've had in mind for some time.

The lens was delivered to my Chicago studio address on the north side by UPS. My studio is on a large office building with many other tenants so often UPS will leave package in a mailbox allotted area inside the building. Needless to say, it disappeared sometime the afternoon of April 29th. I imagine it'll have to turn up somewhere online at some point.

If anyone comes across this lens, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

Ebay listing (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300419241299)

MIke Sherck
10-May-2010, 17:07
Check trash bins in a couple of block radius. If it was someone looking for, say, electronics or something to make a quick buck they may have opened it somewhere private, mumbled "wtf is this?" and gotten rid of it in the nearest dumpster.


10-May-2010, 17:44
If it arrived on 4/29 and today is 5/10, I would think the dumpsters have been emptied already. Maybe more than once, depending on the sanitation service in the area.

Steven Tribe
11-May-2010, 02:17
I agree with Mike. This has, unfortunately, already been thrown away by the p*ssed off thief. It is only when collections are stolen that the crooks might make an effort to earn a bit. Even they will notice that the things have serial numbers and that the only way to earn real money is by using on-line sales with the risks that will involve for them. Unlike the Art world, we don't seem to have attracted organised collection theft at present.

11-May-2010, 05:35
Just for the record, the serial number is: 11 295 304


Scott Knowles
11-May-2010, 05:40
Did you try a flyer to the other tenants? You could describe it and offer a reward for information or its return, no questions asked. Did you check with the local pawn shops? Odds are if they see it, they'll simply pawn it. Did you talk with the manager to report it and have them consider other ways to protect against theft.

The last thing is to notify UPS not to leave packages for you in that area. I work from home now and leave a note on the door the days I'm expecting packages, which reads:

"Due to the risk of theft, please do not leave packages at the door. If you can not leave them at the manager’s office across the street, hours 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, please leave a notice where I can pick up the package at the company’s or USPS office the next day."

All the delivery drivers will drop packages off with the manager who keeps them under lock until you come by with the notice of delivery. The only exceptions are those requiring signature.

11-May-2010, 13:26
You can usually call UPS/Fedex with the tracking number and have it held for pickup at a local facility- regardless of how the seller ships it. At least that's what I used to do back when I lived in an apartment. This way nothing ever gets left at the door.

11-May-2010, 13:41
Report it to UPS, hopefully your package qualifies for some sort of insurance. If so, you might be lucky - the seller has had some quite negative feedback. For those that don't know, there is an invaluable resource to check feedback on the auction site - toolhaus.org - the auction site seriously masks bad feedback. 99.9% seems pretty good - even 100% isn't all it's cracked up to be. Always check toolhaus.org! And then make up your mind :)

11-May-2010, 13:53
UPS = The worst company in the world. I have never heard anything good about those guys. Ask every Canadian.

11-May-2010, 15:18
Report it stolen to the police dept.
If it's bought by a pawn shop or camera shop, they are supposed to hold it for 30 days & clear with law enforcement before selling.
Verify that it was really delivered.
Look at the local dealers.
Watch for it on Craigslist too.

11-May-2010, 16:52
Also don't rule out that it was misdelivered. This happened to a friend of mine when he ordered a computer. UPS delivered it to the wrong apartment building and marked it delivered.

Glenn Thoreson
11-May-2010, 17:39
We used to have a Fedex driver here that would routinely leave packages at any location that struck her fancy. On the step at any house in any kind of weather without a word to anyone. It's a good thing we all know one another in this little burg. If you buy an expensive item, you should always specify delivery in hand to the addressee only, with signature. I hope you find your lens.

11-May-2010, 17:42
Your item is automatically insured for $100.00 .UPS can't just leave a package without you or someone signing for it on pic up and they are suppose to require an i,but they never do .Just file a claim with UPS and if you paid for extra insurance you will receive all your money back .

11-May-2010, 19:56
Thanks all for the suggestions. Yes I contacted UPS first and they are doing an investigation. Unfortunately it benefits the shipper as they can take there time reporting the claim back to me. Hopefully they insured the item for full price. Otherwise I'm s.o.l.
Left notices around the building, but haven't checked pawn shops.