View Full Version : Kodak: how many sheets per emulsion?

10-May-2010, 04:29

I just received 8 packs of e100g 8x10 from adorama. Earlier this year I ordered some packs from B&H. Both have the same emulsion number.
So I wonder, how many packs Kodak produces for a certain emulsion. Do they only cut the specific emulsion in one size, or are there other formats of the same emulsion as well?

I know this information is almost useless, but I would like to know anyhow :)

Sascha Welter
10-May-2010, 05:00
They probably produce a huge amount of packs from one emulsion. At my father's studio, in the days of Ektachrome and Polaroid, we used to "reserve" film for about a year of our production from the same emulsion number - and we probably weren't the only customer doing that and PhotoStudio 13 sure wasn't the only one buying from Kodak.

Nowadays that numbers went down, I think it will be even more likely to get the same emulsion from different dealers. I guess there will be people on this forum who know exactly how many square meters of film is done in one run :-)

Ben Syverson
11-May-2010, 12:31
They probably don't even run the machines unless they're making X number of sheets. Probably at least 100,000.

These days they probably don't have to run them very often.

12-May-2010, 07:09
Ron Mowrey, ex Kodak, posts frequently over on APUG as PHOTOENGINEER.
He has commented on what it takes to make a film run, much of it in response to "why won't they just make.." The quantities are staggering, including the amount that just goes to scrap.