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Sean Galbraith
9-May-2010, 15:25
I processed my first E-6 sheet today with my new (to me) Jobo CPE 2-Plus. I don't have a 2521 yet, so I used an extension drum for a 2840 and it worked ok. For whatever reason, my magnet piece doesn't want to stay on the bottom and there's a bit of a wiggle to the axis rotation... still works, but it means I can't just walk away because it wiggles itself off. Will have to work on that perhaps.

Anyway... with a slight levels correction, here is the result.

Crown Graphic + Super Angulon 90/f8 + guessed exposure

Bit of a yellow discolouration at the top middle (not sure why), but otherwise I'm happy with this first attempt.

9-May-2010, 16:25
So many variables, but I guess the exposure was slightly too much and there is a bit of a magenta cast. Hmm, yellow streak, uneven development? The good news is that once you get things "down" the results will be better than pro lab results. The temperature of the first developer was held constant for the duration, right?

Sean Galbraith
9-May-2010, 19:06
Uneven development is definitely possible, since I used a print drum and the two sheets I did at the same time slopped around and against each other.

Patrick Dixon
10-May-2010, 02:27
This was my first CPE-2 self-processed E6 a couple of weeks ago. The first 120 C41 reel didn't go quite as smoothly due to me (stupidly) not using the cap on the drum during processing!



10-May-2010, 05:23
I still have a hard time to deal with using print drum to develop 8x10. Trying to use 2521 for 1 8x10 using my ATL 1500. Seems to get there but ...

For 4x5 and after a few wrong starts, it should not be a major issue. But like you, we have all our share of not perfect start.

Good luck.

Steve M Hostetter
10-May-2010, 05:42
Uneven development is definitely possible, since I used a print drum and the two sheets I did at the same time slopped around and against each other.

Hello Sean,,,

Looks like both sheets stuck to eachother in the drum which means you can't have any loose films floating around .

All you need now is the correct 4x5 reels spindle and loader .. I'd use some aquarium glue on the magnet

Sean Galbraith
10-May-2010, 06:32
Good call on the aquarium glue! Thanks

Photo #2

#3 was a complete and total epic fail.

Paul Metcalf
10-May-2010, 06:39
yeah, flopping sheets is an "early" mistake for a lot of us (for me trying to do 2 5x7 or 8x10 sheets in print drum) as you'll get uneven development at best and usually no development on some of the sheets. One thing I've done is to place the sheets in the print drum, then pour in a little water, rotate around by hand briefly, then reopen the tank (in the dark of course) and feel to make sure the sheets did not fly around and stick to each other. If they did, you can replace them (with a bit of difficulty) but once they are wet (the backs) they'll stick to the drum and stay in place. Be sure and use all of the water rinses in the tank while on the processor Jobo recommends as this cleans out the system for the next batch, then make sure you still wash the film so the backs get clean, and rinse the tank out off of the processor.

With the 2521, there is also a proper way the center tube inserts into the reel so the reel does not rotate within the tank, otherwise you'll get uneven development big time (yeah, experience). The instructions aren't clear about this IIRC, so just insert the tube from both directions and rotate, the orientation that has the most drag on the reel is the correct orientation.

Sean Galbraith
10-May-2010, 08:58
I'll be sure to do that. Thanks!

10-May-2010, 09:15
If you're processing 8x10, then you need to use the Jobo Expert Drum - I think it's the 3006. You can also process 8x10 sing drums 1520 and 1530 joined. I use the two latter drums for processing 1 sheet of 8x10 paper using 61mL of RA chemistry. I never used it for film though as I shoot 4x5.

For processing tips, refer to the Jobo manual which you can download from Jobo.


Patrick Dixon
10-May-2010, 09:54
You can't use the expert drums with the CPE-2 because the motor is not strong enough.

Sean Galbraith
10-May-2010, 15:49
I've wondered what the reason was. Thanks.

chris kleihege
10-May-2010, 17:17
Dear Sean,

Is the woman in photo #2 Sandi Wheaton, Canadian photographer extraordinaire?


Chris Kleihege

Sean Galbraith
10-May-2010, 17:57
Nope. She is my friend Blair. Sandi did exhibit at my gallery earlier.

10-May-2010, 21:35
How about that! I thought Sean was a newbie asking a silly newbie question.

Sean Galbraith
11-May-2010, 10:58
How about that! I thought Sean was a newbie asking a silly newbie question.

That's everything else I post here. :-)