View Full Version : "Native" camera for 3.25x4.25 instant film?

Darin Boville
9-May-2010, 10:57
I shoot the new Fuji instant pack film--the 3.25 X 4.25 size--and I was wondering--what cameras are made for this size film (new or used)?

Obviously you can put a polaroid/fuji back into any 4x5--but is there a camera especially made for this size, or something smaller than 4x5 that would take the pack film in some way?

What got me thinking about this is looking at the 6x9 Linhofs--and wondering if they would take the pack film (I still don't know yet). I'm especially interested in handheld use.

It would be cool to have camera that I could use handheld and shoot polaroids...(I mean, fujis...)


Ernest Purdum
9-May-2010, 11:33
3.25" X 4.25" is the ancient "1/4-plate" size and there are very many cameras of that size still in existence - Graphics in the USA, a profusion of British cameras and a few Japanese.

The problem would not be the camera but the pack holder. All that I know of are made for 4x5 Graflok type backs and would be difficult to modify to fit a smaller camera.

I agree, such a combination would indeed be "cool".

9-May-2010, 13:38
Polaroid 600SE. Or to a lesser degree its ancestor, the Mamiya Press series, with a Polaroid back (however, most Mamiya lenses do not cover the format - the ones that do were mostly built with the incompatible 600SE mount). And any of the fixed-lens Polaroids for the format.

9-May-2010, 14:58
Fuji once made FP-1 Professional rangefinder camera with Fujinon 105mm F5.6 lens.
See the following link.

Oren Grad
9-May-2010, 19:15
Konica Instant Press.

Not the baby Linhofs.

9-May-2010, 20:55
A whole generation of Polaroid cameras were built for the 3x4 pack, starting with the #100 through the #450 with automatic exposures. Check google for Polaroid cameras.

9-May-2010, 21:02

Darin Boville
9-May-2010, 21:27
Wow. I think I just fell into the rabbit hole here--an entire world, invisible to surface dwellers!


Helen Bach
10-May-2010, 04:16
Eastcamtech offer a 110 series camera converted with a 100 series (ie pack film) back (http://www.eastcamtech.com/Pol110B.htm). I have one of Mike's 110B/Graflex conversions and it is well made.



10-May-2010, 08:55
I don't have any experience in this, but I did some research a while back and the other rangefinder that comes to mind is the Graphlex XL. A lot of online reviewers give it the thumbs down for heaviness and slowness, I happen to know a guy who loved his for a while in the eighties.