View Full Version : Cart / Support idea for BIG cam

Ty G
9-May-2010, 09:26
As mentioned before, I am working on a 20x24 wet plate camera. It is 60" long when rails are folded down. I had thought about doing a suped-up tripod; but I don't think it will work well or even remotely be movable with 50-60 pound camera.

You guys with the older big plate cameras, what do you use?

Daniel Stone
9-May-2010, 10:19
what about a video tripod with large-wheeled(lockable) casters on the bottom?

or something like the support cart for the 20x24 polaroid camera?



9-May-2010, 10:33
I'm going to have a whole wet plate setup mounted to a Multicart R12. I've already been using the the R12 for projects and it's great. It has four pneumatic wheels and a capacity of 500 pounds on the bed or 150 pounds on the optional shelf--and folds up very compactly. It may not be "historically accurate" for your needs, but you could easily built a mount for your big camera.


John T
9-May-2010, 11:21
If you are good at aluminum fabrication you could make a cart like Lotus has for their 20x24 camera.


Jim Michael
9-May-2010, 11:46
That's looking a lot like a jogging stroller....

John T
9-May-2010, 12:11
But jogging strollers don't have wheels that look like they were lifted from a wheelchair.

Drew Bedo
9-May-2010, 13:22
Look at some of the things at Home Depot or Loews. Aluminum saw-horse looking things with strong clamps things that adjust.

Put it all into the bed of a pick-up truck and you are mobile.