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4-Apr-2002, 15:49
I'm leaving soon for a trip to Asia w/4x5. I've been hearing that sheet film is much more susceptible to carry-on X-ray fogging then roll film. I hear that Foto Care in NYC is selling lead foil to wrap film in. What precautions should I ta ke? Should I send film home by DHL? Thanks for the help.

Ellis Vener
4-Apr-2002, 15:50
First read this thread = http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id= 006xFy (http://hv.greenspun.com/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg.tcl?msg_id= 006xFy)

Ellis Vener
4-Apr-2002, 15:53
And sheet film is no more susceptible to x-rays than roll film is. Why anyone would think that is beyond my ken to comprehend. Can you explain why whoever said so thinks that is the case?

Bob bFrancis
4-Apr-2002, 20:52
Presumably because roll film is traditionally packaged in metal cans and LF film in cardboard boxes....


Bill Jefferson
5-Apr-2002, 07:10
Arthur, Don't bother with the foil, ask for a hand inspection of the film, and if possible ship the film by traditional carrier, they don't x- ray yet. Bill

Ed Burlew
5-Apr-2002, 07:29
You better check out that last comment. I understand that all items from the usa to canada adn canada to the usa ARE being x-rayed. I also uncerstand that this was begun without prior announcement!!!! So what could be happening in other areas of the world.

Paul Coppin
5-Apr-2002, 11:06
A further caveat which bears checking out if you're sending any digital material, notably flashcards - Flashcard manufacturers are beginning to advise that the irradiation techniques (not X-ray) being used by some US postal centers to sterilize mail are damaging flash cards, rendering the data useless, and in some cases, the card inoperative. This might be a concern if buying flashcards by mail or mailing same.

Mark Wiens
5-Apr-2002, 15:24
Are we talking exposed or unexposed film here? I took a plane two weeks ago with my film (exposed) in the cardboard boxes and some still in the film holders and saw no results of fogging.

Chris Gillis
6-Apr-2002, 00:30
A note here: I ahve heard that DHL is not x-ray free and has been that way before September 11th. Thus, I would go with FedEX and lable it as raw film and give you phone number on it. That way, any questions can be answered calling you.