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Dave Jeffery
9-May-2010, 03:10
Does anyone happen to have a list of 5x7 color films that are available including cutting 8x10 film?

I'm tempted to move up to 5x7 format.

9-May-2010, 05:43
Take a look at your vendor(s) of choice and see what they're offering.
Since you're willing to cut down from 8x10, you have more options available.

Ben Syverson
10-May-2010, 19:36
Move up to 8x10!

Ron Marshall
10-May-2010, 20:08
Badger has Fuji Provia in 5x7.

There is much more color available in 8x10.


Midwest Photo

Dave Jeffery
11-May-2010, 02:05
"Move up to 8x10!"

When the economy gets a little better maybe.

Thanks all!!!

Stephen Willard
11-May-2010, 03:02
Moving to 8x10 may be a step backward. The difference between 5x7 and 8x10 is minor in terms of acutance and resolution. Most 4x5 lenses will cover 5x7, so 5x7s use notable smaller, lighter, and less expensive lenses. 5x7 cameras are considerably smaller, lighter and cost less than 8x10 cameras. With lighter and smaller lenses and cameras, 5x7s are much more portable then 8x10s. Furthermore, 5x7s use shorter focal length lenses which translates to greater depth of field for equivalent coverage. And cutting 8x10 down to 5x7 is no big deal once you get system figured out. Plus, you get twice as much film for the same price which further cuts your expenses.

But most importantly is the 5x7 aspect ratio which provides much better fit for both landscape and portrait photography.

Hope this helps...

16-May-2010, 18:53

I shoot 5x7 and 8x10 and the occasional 4x5. I am preferring 5x7 because I do not notice much difference in image quality up to 32" x 40" (or thereabouts), and 5x7 gear is *much* lighter to carry around. I do notice a difference in image quality when moving up from 4x5 to 5x7, but the weight difference in gear is negligible.

I shoot VELVIA 100, PORTRA 160NC, and hope to shoot some PROVIA 100F soon. I am currently too lazy to cut 8x10 film.

I buy 5x7 film from BADGER GRAPHIC (got some Kodak PORTRA 160NC from them), B&H (also PORTRA 160NC), and JAPAN EXPOSURES (VELVIA 100 and PROVIA 100F). Here is the link for JAPAN EXPOSURES:


JAPAN EXPOSURES also carries VELVIA 100F in 5x7.

Hope this helps.


Dave Jeffery
17-May-2010, 02:15
Very helpful- Thanks Stephen and Daniel

Dirk Rösler
17-May-2010, 02:25
Thanks for the link Dan. Just FYI that Fujifilm does only produce color slide in 5x7, no negative film in color nor b/w. have fun!