View Full Version : Lodima Paper Times

Richard K.
8-May-2010, 19:54
So, what distance, bulb wattage, times are getting you in the ball park for the new Lodima Grade 2 paper? Thanks all...

8-May-2010, 21:59
I recently tried it and the recommendation was 300W bulb. That was way too intense. I stepped down to a 75W enlarger bulb at about 3 - 4 feet. With thin negatives I also use a 2 stop ND film.

8-May-2010, 23:45
I've been using a 60 watt flood light bulb at about 3 feet and getting exposure times of about 20-60 seconds.

9-May-2010, 05:39
I use an enlarger white bulb 250w at about 2 feet and my exposure times are between 30-60 seconds.
My negatives are for palladium printing.

Doug Howk
9-May-2010, 05:55
Most of my negatives have a Dmax around 2.0 - 2.5 and a DR of 1.35 to 2.0. They print easily for Palladium. For Lodima G2, exposure times around 30 seconds with a 50 watt R20 flood bulb at 2' in reflector light fixture.
After reading an article in latest issue of View Camera, I've been using a dodging mask overlay of Mylar and grease pencil. Doesn't seem to affect total exposure times.

Richard K.
9-May-2010, 07:32
Thanks all. I guess for my PMK negs a 150 W bulb at 2.5' should give me reasonable times..:)