View Full Version : wa lens for Linhof V?

Gayle Eidson
4-Apr-2002, 15:26
I'm fairly new to large format and hooked already. I greatly admire the 75mm. p hotographs of Jack Dykinga. I notice some advise not getting wider than 90mm f.8 for 4x5 with any movements, but wonder what I would need to use schneider super angulon 75mm. with my Linhof V? Recessed lens board, I assume, but soft bellow s or what is feasible? Gayle Eidson

Enrique Vila
4-Apr-2002, 15:54

I used to own a Tech V and used it with an Angulon 65mm. To do that I owned an adaptor (hard to find and expensive) with a mini bellows and focusing gear. This is mainly because to get wider than 90mm, it is necesary to put the front standard inside the rear body, therefore turning the regular focusing mechanism useless.

Good Luck...


Bob Salomon
4-Apr-2002, 16:02
75mm Lenses fit and work on all Technika 45 cameras from the IV on by using the 001016 recessed lensboard.