View Full Version : New Work: Tuscany

Frank Petronio
8-May-2010, 17:30
Around Lucca





All done handheld w a Razzle, stock lens

Don't ask me tech questions ;-)

Renato Tonelli
8-May-2010, 19:16
Hey! That's my home turf! :D I'm from north of Lucca, the last town in Tuscany. Now I'm feeling a bit homesick.

Very nice shots. I'm planning to be there again this Summer and will hopefully do a fair amount of shooting.

Nathan Potter
8-May-2010, 19:32
Damn Frank, where's the women! Maybe you didn't drink enough of that Super Tuscan wine.:p

Nice pics though.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

Frank Petronio
8-May-2010, 20:09
I just wanted to shake you up ;-)

8-May-2010, 20:47
Those are lovely pictures.

Mark Sampson
9-May-2010, 16:58
Ha. Seeing these makes me think "I wish I'd taken my 4x5 when I was in Tuscany last fall". Logistics dictated 2-1/4 only on that trip. Nice work Frank!

4-Mar-2011, 04:20
Nice! I'm planning a trip to Italy in april and now I want a razzle even more :)

Richard M. Coda
4-Mar-2011, 05:41
Nice Frank. My daughter's going to Italy in June. I'm letting her take my D300 but I wish I was going with her and taking my LF gear!

Jim Noel
4-Mar-2011, 10:07
I am headed there in July. Wish I could get my 7x17 there.

4-Mar-2011, 15:37
Can't go wrong in that area. Hope you tried some bombolloti al sugo di anatra in one of the local restaurants. Mmmmmm ... Hungry. I miss Italy.

Steve M Hostetter
5-Mar-2011, 05:13
breath taking scenery, some say it looks like southern Indiana

5-Mar-2011, 13:01
Frank, it's great work here! Makes me want to fill up the tank and dash south over the Alps..