View Full Version : Horseman 970 / VH-R: lens boards, cams questions

8-May-2010, 14:16
Looking for lenses to use on my Horseman 970. Particularly 65mm, 75mm and 180mm.

Any lenses I can look for on 80x80mm lens board? Technika perhaps?

Also would like to know exactly how deep the recessed lens board for a 75mm and 65mm lens on the Horseman should be. There's Chinese sellers on eBay, but, which depth is the correct one?

Anyone know a good source for RF cams for the Horseman? I'm looking for 150 and 180 cams, but so far have little luck.

Thanks up front!

Oren Grad
8-May-2010, 14:36
You shouldn't need a recessed board for the Horseman-branded 65 and 75 - they were designed to be used with the standard Horseman flat board.

As for other brands, check the flange-to-film / optical register specification. If I recall correctly, anything with a specification 70mm or longer should be fine with a flat board. My 75/6.8 Grandagon-N, mounted on a flat board, works fine on my VH and VH-R.

8-May-2010, 20:06
Wrinkle finish boards on the later 65 and 75 are recessed. The 65mm and 75mm lens on the black board are set back a nominal 5mm compared the the gray flat boards.

I got a lot of Horseman 6x9 gear from Igor (http://www.igorcamera.com/large_format.htm). Also, Midwest photo used to have Horseman stuff.

9-May-2010, 22:57
Hi IC-racer, occasionally I use the RF on the Horseman 970. Currently I have no 65 or 75mm lens. Did get an offer on flat lens boards though.

Question: 'the later 65 and 75mm' would mean for the VH-R? I'm kinda hoping here the stops on the rail will be adequate for using the RF with flat-board fitting lenses on my 970. When I find those lenses, that is... ;)