View Full Version : 11x14 Plate Holder Conversion

David Vickery
4-Apr-2002, 15:04
Hello, do any of you have experience converting the old plate holders to use wit h film? It looks like I could cut out the flat sring, insert a piece of plastic or cardboard and just load the film on top of that, but the film will not be hel d in place at all sides as in a film holder so I am wondering if the film will s tay in place? Any thoughts?

Ron Knight
4-Apr-2002, 21:03
You might try double stick tape on the inside of the film holder. the tape will come in contact with the non-emulsion side, which shouldn't cause any damage. The only problem you might have is if the film holder has grooves where you would have to slide the film in. It might be a problem sticking as you slide it in.

Jim Galli
5-Apr-2002, 00:55
Leave the plate holder alone. They're not going to be making film much longer anyway. Start looking for thin pieces of glass to coat. You'll still be making REAL images when the rest of us are sucking wind.