View Full Version : FW: Three fiber-based papers to be discontinued by Kodak in 1999.

tim atherton
10-Dec-1998, 13:50
Received this today (as well as some information along the same lines about KM25 PKM 35mm professional film and Recording Film 2475).

I think it is on the level. As many members of this list do B&W printing, though t it would be of interest.

BTW, check out this guys home website, it has stacks of technical fim/paper data .

Tim A

ThomBx19 <thombx19@aol.com> wrote in message <19981209161440.00887.00000205@ng-bw1.aol.com>... > Kodabromide (all grades/surfaces) > Elite Fine Art (all grades) > Ektalure > > Due to low demand and increased environmental regulation, these papers will be > discontinued by year end 1999 OR when inventories are depleted. The > recommended alternative is > > > for Ektalure > ... warm-tone, "C" surface KODAK POLYMAX Fine-Art Paper > > for Elite Fine-Art > ... KODAK POLYMAX Fine-Art Paper. > > for Kodabromide > ... KODABROME II RC Paper (graded), or if you prefer a fiber-base paper, try > KODAK POLYMAX Fine-Art Paper. > > Kodak will notify dealers shortly of these changes. > > As unpopular as these discontinuances are, Kodak cannot use the same emulsion > formulas (for Ektalure and Kodabromide) because of governmental EPA > (Environmental Protection Agency) regulations that take effect 1 January 2000. > Elite Fine Art paper cannot sustain sales volumes to support its continued > manufacture. > > > Thom Bell > Kodak Information Center, USA > 1-800-242-2424, extension 19 > > business web: www.kodak.com/go/professional > personal web: members.aol.com/thombx19

10-Dec-1998, 17:03
Ohhhh, dear lord here it comes the apocalypse, I use kodabrome rc as a proofing paper, when will it end. This is crazy, first my agfabrome, do they have it in their hearts to destroy all silver graded paper. Polymax fine art won't do. I don't believe in filters.

Jacque Staskon
14-Dec-1998, 16:23
How heartbreaking to hear that the Great Yellow God has once again decided to quit making a wonderful silver rich paper that has been a staple in my darkroom for years. I've still not gotten over losing the G surface for hand coloring. All is not lost though I have been having wonderful luck with forte Bromoforte and Fortezo Bromoforte is an Excellent cold tone graded paper that works very well with Selectol-soft and Dektol. Fortezo is warm and it seems to work very well with selectol and Zonal pro warm tone print developer. Eventually I will quit using Kodak papers for everything except panalure.