View Full Version : Jobo Lift and Big Tanks: "Jaw Thrust" technique...

8-May-2010, 08:50
Here is my "Jaw Thrust" technique for using the Jobo lift with big tanks. I do use the handle to gently let the empty tank down without crashing.

There are, of course, other techniques, like shutting off the motor, but I have been leaving the motor with this technique.

8-May-2010, 08:54
The pictures show how to do it.

Lift the base with two hands. Once up in the air, support it with one hand and grab under the lift arm.

When empty, gently let it back in synch with the motor.

largeformat apt
9-May-2010, 04:11
JOBO Lift for expert tanks. Don't need gloves. Check the past post.Will work with all drums.

Mark Carstens
9-May-2010, 09:52
Thanks for the tip ic-racer! I've always tried to avoid over-taxing the lift arm by supporting most of the weight with my hand and usinf the lift arm as a directional device.

I press the lift arm while simultaneously cradling and lifting the support rods and bottom of the drum with my opposite hand. That means I have to submerge my one (gloved) hand in the bath, which is kind of sloppy approach, but it works.

Your technique would obviate the need for dipping my hand and handling a rotating drum. I'll try it next time I JOBO (yes, it's a verb too). :p


David Starr
14-May-2010, 11:48
I stripped a piece of #12 Romex, about 1ft long. Wrapped one of the insulated wires around the horizontal arms of the lift & formed a loop in the other end. I use this to lift the drum clear of the water bath, then put my hand under the drum.