View Full Version : Retiring from LF aerial photography business

7-May-2010, 19:12
I am retiring from the LF business & would be willing to train a lucky individual the technique of shooting 8x10" from choppers. I have all the equipment, image examples and references (ie Peter B. Kaplan). Anyone looking for a unique niche or aquiring my equipment?

Peter Galea
7-May-2010, 21:44
I love helicopters, and 8x10, where are you located?

7-May-2010, 23:53
If you were in Europe we certainly would be discussing this over a coffee somewhere ;-)

8-May-2010, 09:02
Calgary Alberta. Do you have an 8z10 camera already?

8-May-2010, 09:10
Would you happen to know someone who would be interested in acquiring some 8x10 equiment?-2 Toyoview field cameras, 155,240,480 & 1200mm lenses (Yes 1200mm Nikon FD!), cases, file holders & my secret weapon a specially designed mount allowing 8x10 aerial photography using a shutter speed down to 1/60th of a sec.
With phone call cheap these days I could call you. If you would like to communicate please provide your phone number mine is 403.208-0770 in Calgary Alberta,-Stefan

8-May-2010, 20:30
Calgary Alberta. Do you have an 8z10 camera already?

I was considering asking if you were in Calgary... :eek: I'm a LF virgin though.