View Full Version : Berlebach USA special close outs.

Bob Salomon
6-May-2010, 12:40
We have just added to our Factory Store several Berlebach tripods, pan heads, Arca comatible and Berlebach compatible quick releases and the Berlebach Ground Spike.

You can find these on our web site www.hpmarketingcorp.com by clicking on the Factory Store tab at the bottom of the window and then clicking on Berlebach on the Factory Store.

All items are subject to availability (quantities available are with the description) and there are no rain checks or back orders. All items are either brand new or show items (taken and displayed at PMA or Photo Plus Shows). All carry a new warranty.

Bob Salomon
21-May-2010, 10:03
As an update we have now added some other items that may be of interest: Linhof 003663 3-way Leveling Head, Rapid and Super Rollex backs, Anatomical Grip, Multifocus finder, etc. Vue-All archival negative and slide and print pages, sleeving material rolls up to 1000'. A Kaiser sodium vapor safelight. Some Novoflex heads and accessories.

All are either new or show samples.