View Full Version : Heliar 300mm coverage

Paramount bokeh
6-May-2010, 08:14
Guys, has anyone out there used a Voigty Heliar 300mm on 8x10 - does it give the image circle/coverage?

According to some sources the max image circle is about 16x21cm - just wondered if anyone had tried one?

Jim Galli
6-May-2010, 08:21
You'll get some different answers but I recall trying to use one on 8X10 landscapes and it seemed fruitless. Barely covers with shadowy corners and if you try to raise the front at all, it's vignetting. Now if you're 8 feet away doing a portrait, different story I suppose.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
6-May-2010, 08:24
My experience was like Jim's; it barely illuminated 8x10 focused at infinity, and there was no movement. It was better with portraits, but a 360mm or or even better 420mm Heliar is much more appropriate, but of course no shutter on these beasts.

Paramount bokeh
6-May-2010, 08:27
Thanks guys.... studio portraits are my concern.....