View Full Version : Technika V 2x3 lens boards?

Don Dudenbostel
6-May-2010, 07:31
Are there any independent makers of lens boards for the Technika V 2x3? Grimes? New ones are out of sight in price and used are scarce. I need copal 0 size and have found a few reasonably priced copal 1 boards. Are there any adapters / busjings made to go from copal 1 to 0?



Bob Salomon
6-May-2010, 07:50
NO there are no 3rd party makers.

Linhof still does make a few T23 boards, even though the camera is long discontinued and no currrent Linhof camera or accessory uses the board.

For your reference the following T23 boards are still made and can be ordered from a dealer, also Marflex may have some of the boards in stock.
001001 flat board with pilot hole - least expensive board but someone will have to mill a hole.
001158 0 hole and cable release Quick Socket - this board for the 55 to 65mm lenses on a T23 only.
001124 0 and cable release Quick Socket
001106 1 hole.

All are flat board except for the 001158. These boards fit all T23 cameras made since 1962. They do not fit older models.

Don Dudenbostel
6-May-2010, 08:09
Thanks Bob. I was able to find an adapter from SK Grimes but this is good info.