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Michael Szedon
5-May-2010, 22:12
Does any have a formula for mixing my own print flattening solution?

6-May-2010, 08:18
Kodak once sold a print flattening machine which was two rollers one of them heated.

Many of us use dry mounting presses to flatten our fibre based prints between two sheets of card.

Steve Wright
6-May-2010, 08:30
Flexogloss was the old stuff. Smelled great and worked great. Long gone I think. Now, it's B&H that carries a print flattener concentrate that works pretty well.

Michael Szedon
6-May-2010, 10:39
b&h lists no print flattener in its B&W chemistry section, and a site-search returns no listing for print flattener.

Philippe Grunchec
7-May-2010, 02:19
Amaloco used to have one (called H3 Antikrull).

Glycerin 2 fl oz + water to make 32 oz (according to my -old- Darkroom Cookbook).

7-May-2010, 10:14
I found its best to press in a hot press machine after selenium toning. You still will get a curl. Then mount in a frame with mat board is the best way to get flat prints.

7-May-2010, 11:07
Does anyone know if glycerine based flattener compromises archival permanence?

Jim Ewins
7-May-2010, 18:58
Place the prints under a case of beer - then drink the beer. When the beer is all gone the prints may be flat - or you will.

Michael Szedon
7-May-2010, 23:50
Rumor has it that flattener increases the chance for mold to grow on a print. But I need it for postcards, which curl horribly.