View Full Version : Need Linhof User's Manual in English

Alex Graham
4-Apr-2002, 11:17
Need Linhof User's Manual in English in any format pls. send to fishfotouk@yahoo.com

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
4-Apr-2002, 11:53

Bob Salomon
4-Apr-2002, 13:21
What Linhof?

Technika 45, 23, 57; Technikardan 45, 23; Technorama 617, 617S, 617 SIII; Kardan M, Kardan GT, Kardan GTL, Technorama 612 series?

There are lots more.

Mark Nowaczynski
4-Apr-2002, 13:43
Not to mention the Technar!

Bob Salomon
4-Apr-2002, 20:14
I was only listing current or very popular recent cameras.

Of course there are lots of no longer manufactured models like the Technar, Aero Technika, Aerotronica, Metrika, B, TL, L, SC, JBL, Standard, Kardan Color, etc.

But none of these are in production nor are there plans to re- introduce them unless you personally want to buy 10 Technar cameras.