View Full Version : Sinar fresnel lens on Linhof camera

5-May-2010, 13:03
I have found a 4x5 fresnel coming from a Sinar.
From the picture is see that's in a plastic frame with a few screws.
I would like to fit the fresnel on a Linhof Bi-System.
Before buying, i must be sure that it could be easily adapted.
I know nothing about fresnel lenses on LF camera, and i don't know if the plastic frame could be easily adapted on my Kardan, but i guess that it should be easy to separate the fresnel from the frame, and fix it on top of the ground glass of my camera.
That's theory. In practice.. i'm asking the experienced members about the practical details.

have fun


Bob Salomon
5-May-2010, 13:43
Linhof Fresnels are all plastic and fit under a pair of clips that mount to the middle screw of the GG hold down clips. For the B the clips are available from service. A Fresnel in a frame will not fit the Linhof Gg back properly and there is no where that the frame would fit on the Linhof. You might be able to remove the Fresnel from its frame but then it might be too short to fit properly and securely.

Peter K
5-May-2010, 13:50
If the fresnel-lens measures 100.7 x 122.5mm without the frame and the back of your Kardan-Bi is equipped with the two small springloaded flaps the fresnel-lens can easily mounted. And also removed for focussing with a loupe.