View Full Version : 6x17 rollfilm back for 5x7?

Martin Miksch
5-May-2010, 06:45
Just found 6x17 backs for 4x5 cameras, useless on a 5x7, I am looking for something that slips under the GG like a film holder.

5-May-2010, 07:15
Something like this?


Jim Noel
5-May-2010, 08:38
That will not slip under the ground glass of a 5x7. I have never seen or heard of a roll film back which will do so. Of course they do exist for a 4x5.

5-May-2010, 11:09
Canham makes a beautifully built and functioning 6x17 roll film holder that fits under the ground glass of their (and I imagine most others) 5x7 metal or wood cameras.

Gem Singer
5-May-2010, 12:11
The Canham motorized 6x17 roll film holder does not fit under the ground glass of my Canham MQC 5x7 camera. The springs seem to be so tight that it won't open far enough.

However, it did fit under my 4x5/5x7 Canham Traditional camera's ground glass. The springs on that model were designed to open wide.

The 5x7 ground glass needs to be removed from the MQC before the 6x17 back can be mounted, and sliders are provided to hold the back in place.

Not only is it a challenge to remove the 5x7 ground glass without jarring the camera, but it is also difficult to find a suitable storage place while it is off the camera. There are two springed mounting arms that stick up so that it can't be stored flat.

Joshua Dunn
6-May-2010, 11:14
The Canham 6x17 back will not fit under the ground glass of most cameras. I am in the process of modifying a Sinar P back to accept the Canham 6x17. My advice is to call Canham like I did. They are very friendly and if they know a camera will fit the Canham 6x17 back then they’ll tell you. Or they may just say they have never tried it. It can’t hurt to check with them.