View Full Version : Air Tubing for Parkard Shutters

Jay Decker
5-May-2010, 06:28
Anyone found a particular type of tubing, e.g., 3/16"ID x 1/16"W black latex rubber, and supplier they like? The tubing I've found at automotive stores is stiff.



Peter Galea
5-May-2010, 06:35
Try a medical supply store. Large pharmacies have tubing too.

John T
5-May-2010, 07:16
You can also get it from the Packard Shutter Company

5-May-2010, 07:49
I'm not sure what size you need but Clippard Minimatics has lsmall sizes of pneumatic hose in many different colors. It is very high quality and UV resistant. I used to use it when I did pneumatics controls.

By the way, the stuff used on Packards is correctly called "hose" since it is flexible. "Tubing" is stiff. Notice that most people don't water their gardens with a 'garden tube'.


Jim Galli
5-May-2010, 07:50
Next time you go to the doctor and they make you wait for hours in a cold room, steal all the tubing from the blood pressure cuff.

Nathan Potter
5-May-2010, 08:01
Home Depots have latex tubing the right size - usually.

Nate Potter Austin TX.

E. von Hoegh
5-May-2010, 08:35
In this area (northern N.Y. state) Aubuchon hardware sells vinyl tubing the works well for me.

Kirk Gittings
5-May-2010, 10:17
It seems like I remember an earlier thread that talked about using the bulb and hose from a cheap blood pressure cuff-strong and cheap.

5-May-2010, 14:01
Try a lawnmower or saw shop--string trimmers, chain saws, and the like use fuel line tubing (ummm...hose?) of about the right size and flexibility.

The perfect material would be the fabric-covered natural rubber tubing that once once standard for medical and scientific instruments, and more recently used for airbrushes. But I don't know where to find it any more.

Steve Hamley
5-May-2010, 14:06
If you want the best tubing and bulbs,

Dave Cook - deGroff Products
709 East Oakside Street
South Bend, Indiana 46614


Cheers, Steve

Paul Bujak
6-May-2010, 19:35
Hose (tubing) is not a problem for me. But where can you get the barbs that pass through the lens board without giving up an arm or a leg?


Jay Decker
6-May-2010, 20:23
Hose (tubing) is not a problem for me. But where can you get the barbs that pass through the lens board without giving up an arm or a leg?


Make my own out of brass tubing. The easiest thing to do is drill a through hole and glue the tubing into the wood. The use a triangular file to file some shallow groves into the brass tubing when the brass will be in the wood and then epoxy the tube into the wood.

Ernest Purdum
8-May-2010, 09:36
You can find the through the lensboard fittings (and a tubing selection, too) at www.mcmaster.com. My recollection is that they have them in both brass and plastic but don't quote me. They don't look just like the Packard versions but they work fine.