View Full Version : 8x10 lab in Seoul - South Korea?

4-May-2010, 22:06

does anyone know a decent 8x10 lab in Seoul? E6 and C41.

5-May-2010, 03:07
Hi Thomas, I can't remember any of the names but I know where they are. Seoul is pretty convenient in that all the shops of a type are clustered together in one are.

Chungmuro is the photo district, about 4 small blocks worth of labs etc. I haven't used a lab there for about 3 years so I don't know what's there now. 8x10 might be hard to find, but I'll have a look next time I go there. When are you be coming over?

matthias ley
5-May-2010, 03:25
Hi Thomas,

am often in Seoul, but always bring film back to Tokyo for development.

Chungmuro Photo Shop 82-2-2277-1356 does 4x5, maybe 8x10 as well.

Bring all film, as even 4x5 most of the time isn't available.

You will LOVE the views of the skyline the mountains right in between.

5-May-2010, 12:12
Hi, thanks for the answers. I will check out that area.

I always bring my film, since it seems like you can only get 8x10 in New York and Tokyo in regular shops...

But if I have the possibility to develop the film on location, I'll do that and am much more relaxed on my flight home ;)