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4-May-2010, 14:27
Hi everybody

I am a 4x5 photographer and someone is making me an offer for 2nd hand TOYO field 8x10 + 3 film holders and a 240mm APO Sironar lens for a price below 900$. Everything in very good used shape. I don't know anything abt this camera and would like your ideas/opinion/advice about that. Is this a good/fair price? Should I go for it? is this a good set and opportunity to start with 8x10? or should i wait?

Thanks a lot.


4-May-2010, 15:21
I am not familiar with the Toyo 8X10 but for that price if it is in good condition it is a great deal.

The lens is a 5X7 lens. It will cover 8X10 but not by a lot and you will only have minimal movements. The S version of the lens is super sharp and new sells for almost $2,000. The N version is also a great lens, just not quite as much coverage and sharp as the S.

It sounds like a great deal if all is in good condition and it will get you going on 8X10.

4-May-2010, 20:09
If it is the 810MII I would not hesitate to get it at that price. Its five thousand dollars new.

4-May-2010, 20:48
I think a fair price for a Toyo 8x10M is at least $1400. I have one sitting around and that is what I would take. There is an older model (mine) and I think a newer model with all black knobs. I don't think they have any significant operational differences.

If the goods are as advertised, that is a steal. Used 8x10 film holders in good shape are $35-50. That lens should be at least $300. That makes the camera ~$450. Can't beat that. The Toyo 8x10 field is a beast, solid as a rock, very well made. Just my opinions. I think the price might be too good to be true. Are you sure it is not a Toyo monorail view camera which is much more common and more in line with the price?

5-May-2010, 08:28
this is so good that if you don't want it, let me know who's selling it and I'll buy it


Michael Nagl
5-May-2010, 08:59
me too!

evan clarke
5-May-2010, 09:45
Yea, actually, let me know too...

Michael Kadillak
5-May-2010, 18:42
I would not want it if it is the Toyo monorail version. Better options IMHO.

7-May-2010, 05:56
No guys, sorry, after viewing it, not even thinking about buying this wreck...