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4-Apr-2002, 01:31

I would like to ask a question

First, I know the following: 1. TMX/Y is less blue sensitive 2. TMX/Y, when filters applied, its contrast shift is not the same as 'tradition al films'. For example: red filter increase constrast on Tri-X, but decrease o n TMY. According to the above, I am wndering:

When using TMY, can we still, more or less, apply the general idea/principle that yellow filter will darken blue sky and red filter will does more...etc.etc.


regards, C.j. wong

Thilo Schmid
4-Apr-2002, 04:25
A B&W contrast filter selectively darkens and lightens certain colors. This is why it seems to increase contrast in a colorful environment. If your subject is monochrome, you might even decrease contrast with a "contrast filter". I don't know what you mean exactly with "red filter decreases contrast on TMY". A red filter together with TMY yields the same dark sky as with Tri-X. Think of TMY as a film with a built-in light yellow filter (which is not exactly true, because less blue sensitivity is more selective).


Mark Sampson
4-Apr-2002, 15:09
Run some tests and share the results.