View Full Version : Working conditions at Dallmeyer 1900?

Steven Tribe
4-May-2010, 03:24
SeÓn Mackenna has posted a series of very good lantern slides showing the installations and workers at Dallmeyer's establishment sometime around 1900. I find them fascinating - perhaps others will too? I can recognise grinding, polishing and stock brass tube working. But no spitting to keep the grinding mixture damp, which was supposedly the best method!

The Brent library/Archive owns these originals so professional use of the images is subject to their copyright being respected.


4-May-2010, 03:32
Hi Steven,

I believe the correct link is



Steven Tribe
4-May-2010, 04:58
Indeed it is! Sorry - I was more concerned with phrasing the copyright issue so that people don't think it is OK to add an non-essential image to add credance to their Dallmeyer listing - you know where - without stating who has the copyright! Not everyone is like you CC!