View Full Version : New ThinkTank 4x5 belt bags - Please express interest

QT Luong
3-May-2010, 15:49
Got a message from David Burnett about new 4x5 holders belt bags. ThinkTank would make them if there is enough interest. Please have a look at: http://vimeo.com/11412734

Jeffrey Sipress
3-May-2010, 15:59
Great product, and I will surely buy two. But, that video was unbearable. Now I have a headache.

So how do you contact Dave to share your thoughts?

3-May-2010, 16:04
What is the rough cost? Looks like you have to buy a belt plus bags and the belt would hold two bags comfortably, so enough room for 16 4x5 holders potentially. Looks like it would interfere with using a backpack.

Kirk Gittings
3-May-2010, 17:53
Depending on cost, I could see buying a couple or three.

Walter Calahan
3-May-2010, 18:16
You can contact David through his website.


Easiest to pick up the phone and call him. He's very down to earth.

3-May-2010, 19:29
I like the idea

Barrie B.
3-May-2010, 23:38
It will all depend upon the ' selling price ' of the bags , Will the Belt be part of the deal ?

.....................Barrie B. Australia.

4-May-2010, 02:47
I've already sent an e-mail about the bags to Think Tank. Also asked them to ensure David sticks with still photography and leaves the video to we professionals :cool:

Jeffrey Sipress
4-May-2010, 09:23
Who, exactly, is David?

David Karp
4-May-2010, 20:31
Jeffrey: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Burnett

Steve Wright
5-May-2010, 07:30
Put in my 'order' for a couple. Fingers crossed.....
David has a cool website. Holga and LF shots. Wow!!

Kirk Gittings
5-May-2010, 08:33
Who, exactly, is David?

He is THE DUDE......

Andrew O'Neill
5-May-2010, 11:23
What I liked about the bags was that the holders go in on their side. Less likely to "pull" the slide out by accident. I can see how they can be very handy for someone hand holding a 4x5 camera.

Steve Wright
6-May-2010, 08:26
Sent in my 2 cents worth and got a nice reply from Think Tank. Keep it up people!

30-May-2010, 01:33
I am interested. I plan on having a ThinkTank belt system in the future so this is a shoe-in.

Henry Ambrose
30-May-2010, 16:40
Who, exactly, is David?


Probably the only guy in the world shooting sheet film for news.
You have to be really good to make that happen in this day and time.

Peter De Smidt
1-Jun-2010, 17:06
I'm very interested in these. I have a ThinkTank airport extreme. It's very well built, it works well, and it was a great value.

1-Jun-2010, 17:16
I too am interested, but it depends on the price, and shipping. I don't hand hold my 4X5, but I often carry it on the tripod for a bit, and always struggle with the holders.

Atul Mohidekar
1-Jun-2010, 19:59
I have a different take on the belt bags...

The problem I have with belt bags is that I use a backpack that already has a waist belt making it impossible to wear another belt required for carrying the belt bags. I have been told by experts that the waist belt should be the primary weight bearing mechanism for the backpack (as opposed to the shoulder harness). So once I wear the backpack, I cannot wear any belt backs. Just another aspect to consider.

// Atul

Peter De Smidt
2-Jun-2010, 11:40
Atul, Could you attach the hold bags to your back pack waist belt, or to the backpack itself?

Henry Ambrose
2-Jun-2010, 14:40
I wrote and asked for silver or gray to keep the heat down. No response to that particular request but they didn't say "no".

Atul Mohidekar
2-Jun-2010, 19:03
Atul, Could you attach the hold bags to your back pack waist belt, or to the backpack itself?

Hi Peter,

There are two problems with attaching the film holder case to the waist belt:

The backpack waist belt is quite thick.
When I need to take a photograph, I take off my backpack and leave it on the ground. This will cause the holder case to go with it.

// Atul

Peter De Smidt
2-Jun-2010, 19:16
You waist belt is different than mine, then. Mine is thickly padded, but it has a nylon belt along the outside. It's true that the packs would then be on the ground when you take off your pack, but then so is the rest of your gear. Another option would be to clip a belt with the pack on it on to your pack. Set pack down. Put on belt. Get out equipment...

George E. Sheils
19-Jun-2010, 12:35
I think this is a great idea.

Particularly for people who shoot 5x4 (sorry 4x5) pinhole, i.e mini tripod, no lenses and light wooden camera and don't want the hassle of carrying a backpack just to for filmholders.

What price are they?

Brian C. Miller
27-Aug-2010, 08:13
These are better than a padded lunch sack, but once the rest of your gear is factored in, aren't the holders already covered? If you are using a LF backpack or similar now, it likely includes the holders. If you are going around with a press camera and you don't have a Grafmatic or two, then this looks great. Otherwise I don't think this is something that I'd use for my normal stuff.

Jeremy Graves
24-Nov-2010, 09:57
I would be interested in a few of these, I like how they open outward and aren't too far away from the body. I've tried using beltpacks before with a backpack and I just hike up the beltpack above the backpack strap, it looks dumb but the forest hasn't complained about my bad fashion sense yet.

Bob Kerner
29-Dec-2010, 18:46
An update. I emailed Think Tank Customer Support to ask the status of the film holder pouch. According to their support tech, they are not in production and it sounds as if they are still evaluating market demand. You can email them if you're interested.


SW Rick
29-Dec-2010, 19:26
How about something like the Kinesis filter bag mentioned in the newest story on the Singh-Ray blog (http://singhray.blogspot.com)? It looks like it would need to be enlarged a bit in height, and perhaps different interior fabric, but it sounds like Kinesis is willing to accommodate buyers.

30-Dec-2010, 09:04
I put in my request. Thanks QT for the tip.

30-Dec-2010, 09:42
Is there a more poorly made video on the internet concerning LF? However, I did express interest in 2 bags and will try to figure a way to mount them to my back pack. Belt won't work with the backpack.

Bob Kerner
30-Dec-2010, 10:26
Is there a more poorly made video on the internet concerning LF? However, I did express interest in 2 bags and will try to figure a way to mount them to my back pack. Belt won't work with the backpack.

Actually, yes there are! I think I found about 20 of them when looking for "reference material" on camera movements!

Yeah, I don't see how one can wear the bag while carrying a backpack. I don't think they are intended for that, however, I think the concept is: set your pack/bag down, unpack, set up camera and wear the belt pouch while shooting, rather than having to go back and forth to the bag for all the little bits and pieces.

My guess is that they don't bring it to production. Last night they (Think Tank) told me that one of their other bags can hold 4x5 holders if you strip out the padding. A Mountainsmith fanny pack will probably accomplish the same thing.

Frank Petronio
30-Dec-2010, 10:33
Think Tank is a great company but so is Richard Strum's Kinesis gear. Richard is a little more accessible and will do custom work, plus he tends to be a landscapist where the Think Tank crew definitely tends towards the DSLR sports photographer types.

I think design wise, Think Tank was "inspired" by a lot of things that Richard originated, like the tops that open away from the body, the well-designed belt system, etc. and also Richard tends to do nicely fitted lightweight cases without an excess of heavy padding.

Think Tank, for large format photographers, really does nice carry-on backpacks. Their Airport Antidote is the smallest backpack that fits even the tiny commuter planes yet still holds a laptop and a field camera kit -- very well made and highly recommended.