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Robert Vigurs
3-May-2010, 13:48
I have purchased front and rear elements, Symmar-S 360mm for use in an 8x10. These are made to fit in a Copal #3 shutter. Is there any other shutter that would accept these elements? I'm thinking that a less expensive Ilex is probably not metric threaded. I am on a tight budget, and the Copal is pricey. Is Copal it? Is there another alternative? Appreciate any info. Thanks

erie patsellis
3-May-2010, 15:41
Either a Sinar Copal lens board or a Copal shutter, but then you'd have to buy the Sinar shutter, so it's probably a wash. Out of curiosity, how inexpensive were the elements? I do know that 300's and 360's go for ridiculously low prices these days, cheaper than buying a shutter.

Robert Vigurs
4-May-2010, 17:46
I paid $102.50 on ebay. I have not yet received them, but the seller has sold over 1400 items and has 100% feedback. He described the glass as ex, rear element barrel scratched. I have resisted going in to 8x10(I shoot mostly 4x5)due to the cost of cameras, lenses, holders, not to mention film. I want to venture in to alternative process printing, and need a larger negative. It is a 13,xxx,xxx lens that is multicoated, with a 491 image circle. I recently purchased elements for my 4x5, 210 Symmar-S for the same price. I have placed them in a Copal 1 I have, and it's sharp sharp. Just got back from Death Valley where I tested it. I also bought a Fujinon 250mm 6.7 with a 398 ic for $80, bad shutter. The seller is in Japan, and he is very honest. I have bought 3 lenses/elements from him. Later model W125, W150, W180, one shutter for less than $200. I do not have the money for the best lenses, but I'm enthusiastic, and just have to work a little harder for good image. Fine by me.

Jim Galli
4-May-2010, 18:19
Afraid the answer to your question is no. Old US shutters won't work. Compur #3 has the same thread but typically is not cheaper. Compound #3 will not work either, so don't waste $$$ trying that. Good luck.

Robert Vigurs
4-May-2010, 19:31
Thanks Jim. I do have the 250, 6.7 which will allow me to use the camera. When it arrives I will know what bellows draw it needs. I will keep a lookout for the Copal #3. Appreciate the info. Robert

Kirk Fry
6-May-2010, 21:47
An aperture barrel for a 355mm G Claron will work. No shutter but at least you can use the lens with the hat trick. You might be able to get one from someone who transplanted the elements into a Copal #3. Another approach is to look for a 240mm f5.6 plasmat (Schneider, Nikkor, Fujinon, Rodenstock) with bad glass that is selling cheap. Many times they sell for less than the raw shutter would. Be careful as there is also a Copal #3s which is a completely different size and many times is not labeled "s". That is how I ended up with 4 300 mm lenses. KFry

Ernest Purdum
9-May-2010, 11:47
Regarding bellows draw needs, it depends on your primary interests - landscape, portrait, still life or whatever but the fact that two focal length bellows draw = lifesize image may give you something of a basis to think about.