View Full Version : linhof ground glass

7-Dec-1998, 15:20
anyone have any tips for changing the ground glass on my super tech 111, it has ungridded glass and i want to change to gridded to help with verticals. Is it a s straight-forward as it looks? Or do i need an engineering degree to ensure co rrect alignment? Please leave answer here, as i don't have e-mail.

Richard Fish
7-Dec-1998, 20:30
Not only is it very straight-forward, but I'll even offer the best place to purchase a new gg with a grid. Stephen Shuart in Kane, PA specializes in these items and has them in all sizes. You can reach him at <shuart@penn.com>

8-Dec-1998, 13:23
thanks dick, and thanks for reminding me of stephen i need carrier glass and another chunk of his opal, puts my mind at ease.