View Full Version : All Dallmeyer Patent portrait lens owners check this out.

Louis Pacilla
3-May-2010, 07:00
Hi All

Found this article in a late 1800's magazine. This is a little part of the article that might be of importance to Dallmeyer Patent portrait lens owners.

Again go to Google books. must be over 800 magazines from 1860's-1940's for free. GREAT RESOURCE!

3-May-2010, 07:57
"It's as easy as one, two, three....three, two, one.....two, one, three" Got it? I'll have to read that a few times to understand it, and try it perhaps.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
3-May-2010, 08:31
That is a really weird suggestion, especially considering that the front of the Dallmeyer (or any Petzval) is an achromat, and makes an excellent SF lens. Anyhow, I will try it and see what it looks like.

I suppose this just proves that the internet has no monopoly on foolishness, and all the "experts" writing on the web today simply wrote in other media in years past...

Steven Tribe
3-May-2010, 11:39
I think he remember incorrectly - it is 1/40th rather than 1/30th.

3-May-2010, 18:57
i think it is saying use the meniscus lens....as the lens....just have it arranged right....

Paul Fitzgerald
3-May-2010, 19:21
Hi there, I LOVE this and it works well with B&L Petzval f/4 and f/5 lenses:

with the rear inner element in front and rear outer element in the rear the 12" f/5 became 10.5", the 16" f/4 became 11.5"

with the rear inner in rear and the rear outer in front the 12" f/5 becomes approx 24" and the 16" f/4 becomes approx 34"

so now we can have the standard set-up, front cell at the rear as a meniscus, rear cell split front & rear OR rear cell split rear & front, a QUAD-CONVERTIBLE.

WHODDA thunk it. Have fun with it, it works well with B&L.

Jim Galli
3-May-2010, 19:46
Jason, you sold that B&L too fast. It's worth $700 now that we know this!! :D

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
3-May-2010, 20:27
Ha! And that B&L in P&S clothes should have sold for $3400? Still, my interest is piqued and I will try it this weekend, if I can finagle one of my girls or a visitor in front of the camera.

Edit: After tucking my daughter into bed, I ran down to the basement to play, and see what this would look like. Unfortunately this won't work with my Dallmeyer lenses (ages ranging from 1860s to 1890s), the inner rear thread is too small to screw into the barrel, and I don't see myself taping it.

So, maybe those B&L lenses are really better...

Paul Fitzgerald
5-May-2010, 21:11
Oh, heart-break and despair (not really)

the 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" f/5 B&L petzval as normal is 300mm

with the front cell in rear alone is 400mm and slightly soft focus

with the rear inner element in front and rear outer element in the rear it works as a tele, short bellows draw large image approx 450mm and nicely soft

with the rear inner in rear and the rear outer in front it's a reverse tele, long bellows draw small image approx 300mm and nicely soft. I guess this might be useful, maybe, but a triple convertible ain't half bad at all.

Have fun with the B&L lenses, this doesn't work for Voigtlander or Vitax, wrong threads.