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3-May-2010, 06:36
I've been looking for a lightweight 45 field camera to replace my calumet woodfield (aka wobbling woody). I'm 99% set on the new Chamonix 45n-2, but that's based solely on pictures and internet comments. The buzz around the camera seems like it's a safe bet; even if I don't like it I might be able to pass it on for around the same price. That said, this is a shot in the dark, does anybody in Massachusetts have a one I could take a peek at? 45n-1 or 2.

I am on the waiting list for the next batch, but it's a few month wait.

carl geyer
3-May-2010, 07:42
I do not have a Chamonix, but I do have a Canham DLC45 with a Horseman 6 x 9 reducing back that I was asking 1000.00. I live in Concord, MA if you are interested. Carl PS It weighs 4.5 lbs

Drew Bedo
3-May-2010, 08:18
I have an early (Wista made) Zone VI. It has full movements while being petite and light. Pretty looking in cherry wood and large brass knobs. Only 12" of extension though. Well, everything is a compromise. My whole kit fits into a largi-sh 35mm camera bag. I like it... You might too.

Michael Jones
3-May-2010, 08:36
IMHO, an under-valued asset is a Wisner. As little as 10 years ago, these cameras sold new from $1800-$2400 depending upon the options. Now they can be had for as little as $600. They have far move movements and accessories than current vintage 4x5, but are a bit heavier. They fold up compactly (but not as compactly as the shamwow) and most have cute maroon bellows to contrast the mahogany. My two cents…


3-May-2010, 14:06
i haven't seen a wisner for less than $1200. maybe i'm looking at the wrong online auction website...

3-May-2010, 14:08
i've used a couple of zone vi's and did not like them at all. they were modern versions, so maybe inferior to the earlier production.