View Full Version : modern Sinar DB lenses on sinar norma shutter

2-May-2010, 17:24
Hello, I have a Sinar Norma 5x7 set with lenses. I recently bought a 8x10 Norma back and would like to buy a 300mm lens for it.

Can I combine a more recent DB lens with a Sinar Norma shutter?

And while I'm asking how can I replace the Micky-Mouse Ears on the f'stop adjustment lever of the Sinar Norma lenses?

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
2-May-2010, 17:42
Only the oldest DB lenses go with the old gray Norma shutter. For the later DB's you need the shutter with the f stop scale on the right side, but those fit on the Norma.

2-May-2010, 18:10
does the automatic shutter closing when pushing in a film holder work with the new shutter as well?

erie patsellis
2-May-2010, 18:48
yes, as long as you have the cable connected, of course

8-May-2010, 05:46
Great. Thank you all for the help.

Any chance to replace the Micky Mouse Ears on the pull lever fit the f'stop