View Full Version : Wollensack Verito 'diffused focus' 8" barrel lens a couple of questions please

2-May-2010, 07:46
I have just received a Wollensack Verito 'diffused focus' 8" barrel lens. It seems in good condition apart from a couple of small marks on the edge of the rear element. But, there is no facility to vary the softness as I have seen on other Verito lenses. The front element can be unscrewed quite a few turns, is this how to vary the softness or have I got it wrong?

Also the lettering on the lens is very dark and almost unreadable unless viewed with a loupe. Can anyone suggest how this can be restored to be readable.

I purchased this lens to use with my 5 x 4 Gandolfi Traditional, but as it will not fit (barrel too large a diameter) I will be using it on my 5 x 4 Wista when I can get a lensboard made. Would by chance this lens cover 10 x 8?

Thanks in advance

nn :)

Tracy Storer
2-May-2010, 07:59
Wide-open = softest, sharpens as you stop down....doubt it'll cover 8x10 at/near infinity, but will let those more experienced with Veritos answer that more fully.

2-May-2010, 08:39
I have a Verito 8", fabulous lens (probably my favourite). I always use it on 8x10" - mostly for close-up shots, but I have used it a lot at infinity, too: works without problem. Consider also that it is a convertible - unscrew the front element, and you'll have something like 16" focal length. Keep in mind that 8" is rather wide on 8x10", it might not be your cup of tea (it definitely is mine!).

Wide open it is soft, stop down and you'll get it sharp. I find it way too soft at f4, but from f6.3 to f8 it gives a beautiful glow to the highlights. From f11 you can use it as a nice and sharp lens.

Enjoy your Verito - it is a little jewel of a lens :)

Mark Sawyer
2-May-2010, 09:29
Wide open at infinity, the corners darken significantly from mechanical vignetting, but there's still a bit of light there. Increasing coverage by sutting down the aperture is not an option if you want to maintain some of the Verito's softness.

Other than that, everything Claudio just said!

2-May-2010, 09:59
you might want to check out cameraeccentric.com

have fun !


2-May-2010, 10:17
the variation of softness comes from the aperture. there is no soft focus wheel or anything like that. it is diffused focus....not soft focus.

Simon Benton
2-May-2010, 12:26
I just received my 8 3/4 in Verito that I found after a long search. The image on the ground glass looks lovely and the image sharpens with stopping down. I am just off to Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia to reunite my daughter Emily with her golden retriever Harley (she is studying to be a vet and can now look after him again) and I am taking the lens and hoping to capture their reunion - I will post some photos if my attempts are successful.

3-May-2010, 02:37
Yay, all those Veritos!

Simon Benton
14-May-2010, 05:04
Owners of Verito 8 3/4 inch lenses may already know this but I just discovered that the front and rear cells screw directly into an Alphax 4 shutter and the spacing is identical to that in the barrel. The internal opening is also the same and I just have to glue on a new aperture scale over the existing one on the shutter. They also screw directly into a studio one shutter.

I can now use the lens on my 5x7 Rittreck View for more accurate exposures. I was previously using it on a 4X5 Super D.