View Full Version : Walker 4 x 5 Wide XL camera

Barrie B.
1-May-2010, 23:57
Greetings All;

Does any member own one of these ? or actually seen one !

They are especially made with a ' rigid back ' so as to be most suitable for extreme wide angle lenses.

......................Cheers Barrie B Melbourne ; Australia

Paul O
2-May-2010, 04:40
I use the Walker 5x7 Wide XL camera - the bigger brother of the 4x5 version so the comments I can make are easily likened to the smaller camera!
I cut my LF teeth on Ebony cameras; the SW45, RSW45 and the 45SU and always felt that they couldn't be beaten - I still think they're the best wooden cameras available at the present.
I wanted to move to the 5x7 format but the cost of the Ebony version was far too expensive for me as a hobbyist and I came across the Walker by accident.
The Walker has lived up to all my expectations and I'm very happy using it.
The build quality is excellent - the term "plastic" does not do the camera justice ... I'm not sure of the exact composition but it is very stable, completely waterproof and probably bomb-proof too.
I use it with a Canham 6x17 Motorised roll film back as well as the 5x4 reduction back and wide angle bellows. I favour wide lenses and use it with the 110mmXL, Nikon 120mm f8, 210 Apo Symmar and a Fujinon 250mm.
It is a big, hefty camera but considering its capabilities I don't consider it heavy.
Mike Walker is a true gentleman and offers a first-rate product with excellent back-up service.
If you want/need specifics then feel free to PM me.

2-May-2010, 05:46
I have seen one. It is an extremely well built and a soundly constructed camera. From the constructional point of view it brought a smile of admiration and satisfaction on my face. It's one of those one purpose cameras that do what they are supposed to with precision and near perfection. When used with a rollfilm holder and because of no need of zeroing of the back and the front standard it is quick to use. The bellows really work with rise and fall even for the shortest lenses for the camera.
My impression was - a camera worth every penny you spend on it.