View Full Version : Schneider lens w/o PC connector question

1-May-2010, 19:39
I am considering buying a Schneider 210mm that doesn't have a pc connector. Since I'm new to LF, and I don't use a flash, would there be any operational reasons that this might affect other than than never using it with a flash ? Seller says all speeds are accurate.
Thanks , GP

Phil Hudson
2-May-2010, 03:00
No problem if you will never need flash. Might affect the resale value though so make sure it's priced right!

Bob Salomon
2-May-2010, 04:46
A shutter without a PC connector is an antique probably at least in need of a good CLA. If the lens is original to that shutter then there are far better newer lenses available in more recent shutters.
On the other hand the PC contacts may have broken off from mishandling and that would be a good warning sign to avoid the lens.