View Full Version : Kodak E-6 and C-41 Stablizer: Compatable?

1-May-2010, 13:43
Does anyone know if you can substitute Kodak's C-41 final rinse/stabilizer for Kodak's E-6 final rinse/stabilizer product with equivalent results?

I haven't been shooting E-6 in quite a while but shot 3 rolls of 120 Velvia 50 and 100 in Yosemite last week. The film expired in 2/2009 but was kept refrigerated since purchase so I expected it to be good when I shot it. The color of the chemistry in the Kodak 6 step E-6 kit looked good so last night after supper I set up the CPA and developed the rolls. (Great results this morning when I mounted them. The thermometer was steady between 100F and 100.5F and I used a time of 6.5 minutes for the first developer and 4 minutes for the color developer. Next time, though, I'm going to take 10 seconds off the first developer time.)

Anyway, I'm running low on the final rinse that comes with the kit. I had been mixing 1liter at a time to fill a "sidewalk chalk" container. But last night I saw that leaving it (the 350mL of solution that I mixed for 3 rolls) in a 1-liter beaker would work better - just drop the reel in the beaker and the film would be almost be covered in solution and dust gently tilt and rotate the beaker for a minute so that the film is completely covered.

So, do you think I can use Kodak C-41 final rinse/stabilized with equal effect to stabilize E-6 film?