View Full Version : Need really big red filter for Aero Ektar lens

1-May-2010, 10:48
I want to shoot some IR with my Burnett combo (speed graphic 4x5 with 7" Aero Ektar lens). The lens came with an original yellow filter assembly, but I would prefer a no. 25 red filter for IR. The lens takes a 4.5" (115 mm) filter. If I could get plastic stock for a red filter I could cut it to fit into the yellow assembly, and be good to go. But I've been unable to find any red stock that large. 4"x4" seems to be about the max available.

Does anyone have any ideas?

1-May-2010, 11:01
you can find used cinema filters in 138mm on craigslist los angeles. I've seen black and white filters listed pretty cheap since not much b+w motion picture stock is shot anymore.

Eric Woodbury
1-May-2010, 11:04
You might consider a lighting gel. They are only a few bucks for 24" square. Not guaranteed as perfect as a lens gel, but very good for the size. Worth a try.

1-May-2010, 11:22
cokin x pro 003 should be large enough to tape to the front element.
cokin also makes there 007 (89b) filter in that size. 118mm I believe.

I may have some lee or rosco red gel unused as well.

Glenn Thoreson
1-May-2010, 12:08
Aero Ektar red filters show up on the auction gizmo fairly regularly. Of course, they don't show up when you want one.

1-May-2010, 21:30
The red lighting gel looks like the way to go. Thanks for the idea!
I'll stop by the theater supply store in Seattle.

Hey, I can also use the gel (blue and red) to make IR goggles! What fun!