View Full Version : Century 8A missing from New Orleans cathouse finally found

30-Apr-2010, 20:39


Michael Cienfuegos
1-May-2010, 13:26
What I want to know is how a camera of that size managed the trip from New Orleans to Coalinga, CA. If it could talk, I bet it would have some great tales to tell. It would almost be worth the drive from San Diego to Coalinga to get this gem, but I don't have enough room in my house for the treasures I already have. If I get much more I'm liable to be referred to that pathological hoarder show on TLC. Thanks for sharing.

2-May-2010, 06:01
Cathouse....New Orleans...huh? I must be missing something.

2-May-2010, 06:53
I thought the white paint slapped over every square inch of wood on the camera and stand, and the lurid red bellows looked sort of bordello-ish. Someone needs to buy this to see if it smells like whiskey, cigarettes, and cheap perfume.;)

Steve Hamley
2-May-2010, 07:11
The paint isn't white, it's a light gray, very much like the Ansco or Burk and James. I know, I have one just about like (red bellows too) it that came from Columbus, GA and was at one time a camera used at Ft. Benning. And the paint is probably original. The wood is finished normally beneath it.

Cheers, Steve

2-May-2010, 07:50
... at one time a camera used at Ft. Benning...
Cheers, Steve

Ft. Benning, eh? That's not a very far drive from New Orleans, is it?

Steven Tribe
5-May-2010, 05:51
I thought the original posting related to an old news story about something stolen during huricane katrina - or some lurid story (and photgraphs!) about the local Governor getting caught leaning over the stand doing something interesting. Now I realise it is just a question of covering up the dated dark mahogany finish.

6-May-2010, 22:24
SOLD! Only $585!
Guess I shoulda bid on it.