View Full Version : Lanthanum-barium Achromatic Triplet & Doublet

30-Apr-2010, 19:39
Come one, come all! See the amazing LANTHANUM-BARIUM ACHROMATIC TRIPLET & DOUBLET lens! It's got it all! It's astounding, it's spectacular, it's so good it even makes the ad text turn all the colors of the rainbow!! (carnival music loudly playing) I have no connection to this item:

280500084188 (http://cgi.ebay.com/FAST-f1-25-195MM-LARGE-FORMAT-LENS-8X10-FIELD-CAMERA-/280500084188)

Hugo Zhang
30-Apr-2010, 19:48
how do you mount this on the regular shutter?

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
30-Apr-2010, 20:04
Wasn't that on sale at surplus shed a few months back?

30-Apr-2010, 20:08
Here's a thread on this lens (from Surplus Shed):


erie patsellis
30-Apr-2010, 20:12
yup same d'bag that's just trying to rape everybody.

Jack Dahlgren
30-Apr-2010, 21:15
Was $20 now $269 + electric shutter ($15 surplus shed = $49.99 now)

Glenn Thoreson
1-May-2010, 12:18
Ah, new improved higher prices, eh? :D

Steven Tribe
1-May-2010, 17:38
What an astute bulk purchaser he is! Yet another disaster!

Tim Povlick
1-May-2010, 18:21
These lenses are still at Surplus Shed. The objective alone is $250 at SS whereas the ones shown on eBay are both lenses for $269, which is better than SS pricing.

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1-May-2010, 18:37
It's only $1 better than Surplus Shed pricing and the last 3 pics are the rear element of a Metrogon 6" which used to be sold by Surplus Shed. Clearly, they don't know their product and have not bothered to look at it. hmmmm...